Perfect Lyrics – Simple Plan

Hey dad look at me
Think back and talk to me
Did I grow up according to plan?
And do you think I’m wasting my time doing things I wanna do?
But it hurts when you disapprove all along

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The End Lyrics – Simple Plan

I’ve been trying to tell you something
But you never understand
I feel like we’ve been going ’round in circles
You look at me like I’ve become
A stranger on the streets,
A skeleton that’s been hiding in your closet
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My Christmas List Lyrics – Simple Plan

Santa is coming tonight
And I want a car, and I want a life
And I want a first class trip to Hawaii
I want a lifetime supply
Of skittles & slurpees and Eskimo pies
I want a DVD,
A big screen TV
Just bring me things that I don’t need
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Save You Lyrics – Simple Plan

Take a breath
I pull myself together
Just another step till I reach the door
You?ll never know the way it tears me up inside to see you
I wish that I could tell you something
To take it all away
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One By One Lyrics – Simple Plan

I remember wasting time
Watching as the planes fly by
I remember hearing the engines echoing through the sky

And they used to say
That someday you’ll forget it
You won’t hear them
And they used to say
That time goes by
That nothing changes
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Generation Lyrics – Simple Plan

(Ohh, ohh)
(Ohh, ohh)

I’m sick of all this waiting
And people telling me what I should be
What if I’m not so crazy
Maybe you’re the one that’s wrong, not me
So what you gonna do, what you gonna say
When we’re standing on top and do it our way
You say we got no future
You’re living in the past
So listen up, that’s my generation
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Surrender Lyrics – Simple Plan

[Originally by Cheap Trick]

My mother told me
Yes she told me
I?d meet girls like you
She also told me stay away
She?ll fall in love with you
And just the other day
I heard them talking in the halls
About the junk that?s going around
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Time To Say Goodbye Lyrics – Simple Plan

I just don’t want to waste another day
I’m trying to make things right
But you shove it in my face
And all those things you’ve done to me I can’t erase
And I can’t keep this inside
It’s time to say goodbye
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Vacation Lyrics – Simple Plan

i know a girl whos obsessed with a guy
she talks for hours and still tomorrow
she’ll call again and when he thinks that this could be the end,
she calls again
at six in the morning she waits at the door
he tells her to leave but still tomorrow shell be there again
she wont let go
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I Can Wait Forever Lyrics – Simple Plan

You look so beautiful today
When you’re sitting there it’s hard for me to look away
So i try to find the words that i could say
I know distance doesn’t matter but you feel so far away
And I cant lie
Every time I leave my heart turns gray
And I want to come back home to see your face
And I
Cause I just cant take it
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