So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star Lyrics – Roxette

So you want to be a rock & roll star
Well listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar
And take some time and learn how to play

And when if your hairs are right
And your pants are tight It’s gonna be all right
(It’s gonna be all right)
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The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye Lyrics – Roxette

Red like fire was the day I met you.
I tell you now, there are no regrets.
In this room there are many memories.
Some are good, some I try to forget.
I thought we were the chosen ones,
who were supposed to fly.
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The Voice Lyrics – Roxette

Between the open heart and the whisper goodbye,
there’s a perfect teardrop in your eye.
Between the lover’s moon and the trembling sky,
there’s a broken dream in your mind.

And the voice is carrying the love you have lost,
and the change of heart in someone you trust.
Yea the voice is carrying the love and the scars.
Hear the lonely voice in the dark.
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You Don’t Understand Me Lyrics – Roxette

I’ve been up all night, you’ve been puttin’ up a fight.
Seems like nothin’ I say gets through.
How did this old bed fit a world between me and you.
We said “Goodnight” but the silence was so thick
you could cut it with a knife.
We’ve hit the wall again and there’s nothin’ I can do.
You’re the one, yea, I’ve put all my trust in your hands.
C’mon and look in my eyes, here I am, here I am
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You Turn Me On Lyrics – Roxette

I wake up in a different daylight
Guess I haven’t been around
See me follow the shadow haunting your body
Naked like water – shining like honey
Move me – You turn me on – The thrill of it all
You turn me on – The thrill of it all
You turn me on – The thrill of it all
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Milk And Toast And Honey Lyrics – Roxette

Milk and toast and honey make it sunny on a rainy Saturday, he-he-hey
Milk and toast, some coffee take the stuffiness out of days you hate, you really hate
Slow morning news pass me by
I try not to analyze but didn’t he blow my mind this time
Didn’t he blow my mind?
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I Don’t Want To Get Hurt Lyrics – Roxette

In everything I see you appear with me, how come? How come?
And everything I do involves you too. We are like one.
In my life there has been so many changes
and I don’t want to be left out in the rain
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Jefferson Lyrics – Roxette

Jefferson was always out of luck
I remember when we both grew up
Jefferson got hit by a westbound truck
I guess that didn’t make him look like a million bucks
That night when Sally really stole the show
And every boy was captured diggin’ for gold
Poor old Jefferson was left in the snow
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I’m Under Your Magic Spell Lyrics – Roxette

Like a light coming down, from the sky
Thundering Venus and Apollo
And my invitation of the physical kind
Out of control, I just tend to follow

You’re close to me, like the air that I breathe
I touch too much, I never wanna leave
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Little Girl Lyrics – Roxette

Once upon a time there was a little girl
Once she was mine
In my heart the only one
I wonder where you are
I know you’re somewhere in me
I can see your smile when I close my eyes
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