Die Another Day Lyrics – Madonna

I’m gonna wake up, yes and no
I’m gonna kiss some part of
I’m gonna keep this secret
I’m gonna close my body now

I guess, die another day
I guess, die another day
I guess, die another day
I guess, die another day
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How High Lyrics – Madonna

How high are the stakes
How much fortune can you make

It’s funny
I spent my whole life wanting to be talked about
I did it
Just about everything
To see my name in lights
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American Pie Lyrics – Madonna

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how that music used to
make me smile
And I knew that if I had my chance
I could make those people dance
And maybe they’d be happy for a while
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Love On The Run Lyrics – Madonna

Talk about it people
If you dream and shout it
Was I nothing, feel the action
I can’t get no satisfaction

With your love on the run
Oh, you’re just no fun
To have your love on the run
Oh, you’re just no fun
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Lament Lyrics – Madonna

The choice was mine, and mine completely
I could have any prize that I desired
I could burn with the splendor of the brightest fire
Or else, or else I could choose time

Remember I was very young then
And a year was forever and a day
So what use could fifty, sixty, seventy be?
I saw the lights, and I was on my way
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Nobody’s Perfect Lyrics – Madonna

Cool I am
When I am with you
Cool I’m not
When I am lonely

I feel so sad
What I did wasn’t right
I feel so bad
And I must say to you

Sorry, but

Nobody’s perfect
Nobody’s perfect
What did you expect
I’m doing my best
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Easy Ride Lyrics – Madonna

I want the good life
But I don’t want an easy ride
What I want is to work for it
Feel the blood and sweat on my fingertips
That’s what I want for me

I want to know everything
Maybe someday I will
What I want is to find my place
Breathe the air and feel the sun on my children’s face
That’s what I want
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Isaac Lyrics – Madonna

Im ninalu daltey Nedivim
daltey Nedivim
Daltey Marom
[English translation:
[If doors of generous men are locked,
Doors of heaven]

Staring up into the heavens
In this hell that binds your hands
Will you sacrifice your comfort
Make your way in a foreign land
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Be Careful With My Heart Lyrics – Madonna

[Ricky Martin:]
Be careful with my heart
You could break it
Don’t take my love for granted
Things could change

Sometimes I go insane
I play the fool and you’ll agree
I’ll never be the same
Without you here with me
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Me Against The Music Lyrics – Madonna


All my people in the crowd
Grab a partner take it down!

[B:] It’s me against the music
[M:] Uh uh
[B:] It’s just me
[M:] And me
[B:] Yeah
[M:] C’mon
[M:] Hey Britney?
[B:] Are you ready?
[M:] Uh uh, are you?
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