Don’t Say You Love Me Lyrics – M2M

[Verse 1:]
Got introduced to you my friend
You were cute and all that, baby you set the trend
Yes you did oh
The next thing I know were down at the cinema
We’re sitting there, you said you loved me
What’s that about?

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Pretty Boy Lyrics – M2M

I lie awake at night
See things in black and white
I’ve only got you inside my mind
You know you have made me blind

I lie awake and pray
That you will look my way
I have all this longing in my heart
I knew it right from the start

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Mirror Mirror Lyrics – M2M

Mirror mirror lie to me
Show me what I wanna see
Mirror mirror lie to me

Why don’t I like the girl I see
The one who’s standing right in front of me
Why don’t I think before I speak
I should have listened to that voice inside me
I must be stupid, must be crazy, must be out of my mind
To say the kind of things I said last night

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Everything Lyrics – M2M

It’s been nine days, eight hours
Forty minutes, ten seconds
Since you called
I’ve been so crazy
I’ve just about
Taken our picture
Off the wall
It’s been three months
Over hundred days
Since you held my hand
And I miss you in
A thousand ways
Will I ever see you again?

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Eventually Lyrics – M2M

Open your eyes
Undo the seem
It’s not like before
It’s not just a dream

A hint of a smile
As your hand touches mine
No longer alone
I feel them entwine

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The Day You Went Away Lyrics – M2M

[Verse 1]
Well I wonder could it be
When I was dreaming ’bout you baby
You were dreaming of me
Call me crazy, call me blind
To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time

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Dear Diary Lyrics – M2M

Dear Diary,
Something good happened today
He finally called me by my name
I didn’t know how to behave
What to say or do
I was so confused

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Everything You Do Lyrics – M2M

From the moment you looked at me
And ever since you called my name
You’ve been everything that I’ve seen
And know I’m caught up in this game

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Give A Little Love Lyrics – M2M

Everytime I think I’ve had enough of you
I take you back again
Not because I need a friend
Just because I can’t pretend
Like the others do
You think you’re really serious
Clever and mysterious
Talking like you’re dangerous
Talking like a fool

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