Another Day Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Woke up lyin’ on the floor
Can’t recall the night before
Oh – another day

Outside it’s cold and damp
Unemployment cheque is spent
Yeah – another day

Some people never know
You can’t just let it go
Or try and work it out some other way
Some people never learn
My life ain’t their concern
And nothin’s gonna change come what may
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Jealousy Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I can’t complain about the way we tried,
So maybe it’s time to say goodbye,
Not gonna look around
I’m just gonna look away.
Don’t put the reasons back in my head,
You say you loved me now you’ve left me for dead,
Oh I just can’t stand it this way.
Oh jealousy, coming over me,
It’s that jealousy, breaking my heart.
Whoa jealousy, taking control of me,
Now ya just gotta know,
That I can’t let it go,
And it’s time that ya knew,
I can’t stop loving you.
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Tonight Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Who are you gonna run to,
Now your ass is on the line.
Who do you think you’re foolin’
We ain’t got the time.
Don’t try to tell me,
Who’s wrong or right.
Don’t say that I
There’s no point in tryin’ to change it at all.
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Hidin’ From Love Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I’m riding in the middle
Halfway into you
And halfway into something else,
I dont’t know what to do.
You said you’d make it easy,
You said you’d take the time,
But you call it off
Before I change my mind.
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You Want It, You Got It Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I think I told you maybe once or twice before,
They’ll only hold you down,
leave you wanting more.
But you refuse to listen, babe,
so this is where you’ll stay,
If you weren’t so bloody juvenile,
you’d be some where today.
If you want it, you got it,
If you want it, you got it,
If you want it, you got it now.
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