Tonight Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Who are you gonna run to,
Now your ass is on the line.
Who do you think you’re foolin’
We ain’t got the time.
Don’t try to tell me,
Who’s wrong or right.
Don’t say that I
There’s no point in tryin’ to change it at all.
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Hidin’ From Love Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I’m riding in the middle
Halfway into you
And halfway into something else,
I dont’t know what to do.
You said you’d make it easy,
You said you’d take the time,
But you call it off
Before I change my mind.
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You Want It, You Got It Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I think I told you maybe once or twice before,
They’ll only hold you down,
leave you wanting more.
But you refuse to listen, babe,
so this is where you’ll stay,
If you weren’t so bloody juvenile,
you’d be some where today.
If you want it, you got it,
If you want it, you got it,
If you want it, you got it now.
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Win Some, Lose Some Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Now you know
That I stood outside your window
Just a little too long.

What you’re gonna do
When the hours pass away
And you know that I’m gone.
Well, it may be a week,
It may be a day,
I’m six blocks over
And I don’t know what to say to you.
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Last Chance Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Well you take it all for granted,
So it should come as no surprise,
That your big balloon is gonna burst,
Right before your eyes.

Well you always call your mama,
Just for sympathy yeah,
But I tried to show you years ago,
So don’t come crying to me.
Now it’s your last chance the night is over,
Last chance for love,
Well you can blame it on the bosanova,
You can’t blame me when I’m gone.
Well you call me up for favours,
You say that it’s my turn,
Well I think I’ll stand on my hard earned drive,
And watch your bridges burn.
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Wait And See Lyrics – Bryan Adams

There you go looking cool,
Writing rules
For your theories of romance.

I know that you doubt me,
But without me
You’d be tearing off your one chance.

Wait and see,
This could be the last time for me.
Baby, just wait and see.
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No One Makes It Right Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Everything’s been said, A hundred times
Everything’s been said, A hunderd times

Then I know, if I know you
It takes one more time
No one holds the night,
The way you do
No one holds the night
The way you do
Then I know, If I know you
It takes one more night
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Give Me Your Love Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I can fool myself for a night
Goin’ on
Like I don’t need you any more.

That’s like walking in the dark.
Tel me now
That you’ll give me all your love.

Oh, give me your love give me your love
Or nothing at all nothing at all.
Oh, give me your love.
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The Only One Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Well I made up my mind
Not gonna let you get away
To think that I’m the lucky guy
I’ve almost got it made

Cause it’s been so long
Since I’ve felt so strong
About anyone at all
I get so excited
I ain’t gonna fight it
I think I might be fallin’ in love
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Wastin’ Time Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Could have been a winner,
Should have taken me.
It was so damn cold I shoulda held ya
‘Cause you were shakin’ me.

Well, I almost had a question,
When she led me home,
I spent too much time for one night
Bein’ alone.
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