Wait And See Lyrics – Bryan Adams

There you go looking cool,
Writing rules
For your theories of romance.

I know that you doubt me,
But without me
You’d be tearing off your one chance.

Wait and see,
This could be the last time for me.
Baby, just wait and see.
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No One Makes It Right Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Everything’s been said, A hundred times
Everything’s been said, A hunderd times

Then I know, if I know you
It takes one more time
No one holds the night,
The way you do
No one holds the night
The way you do
Then I know, If I know you
It takes one more night
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Give Me Your Love Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I can fool myself for a night
Goin’ on
Like I don’t need you any more.

That’s like walking in the dark.
Tel me now
That you’ll give me all your love.

Oh, give me your love give me your love
Or nothing at all nothing at all.
Oh, give me your love.
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The Only One Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Well I made up my mind
Not gonna let you get away
To think that I’m the lucky guy
I’ve almost got it made

Cause it’s been so long
Since I’ve felt so strong
About anyone at all
I get so excited
I ain’t gonna fight it
I think I might be fallin’ in love
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Wastin’ Time Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Could have been a winner,
Should have taken me.
It was so damn cold I shoulda held ya
‘Cause you were shakin’ me.

Well, I almost had a question,
When she led me home,
I spent too much time for one night
Bein’ alone.
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Take Me Back Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I shoulda seen it coming
I shoulda seen the signs
Didn’t really think that she needs me
Must’ve ‘bin blind

She didn’t give me a warning
Said I shouldn’t treat you wrong
But when I woke up this mornin’
She was gone gone gone
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Don’t Ya Say It Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Things you said to me
Are always on my mind.
Seems you haunted me
But you set me free
Long before you gave me time to escape.

The next time
I’ll be on my way
‘Cause it’s time, it’s true
I’m turning my back on you.
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What’s It Gonna Be Lyrics – Bryan Adams

If it was up to me
I’d say it’s his decision
And maybe you should wait and see
You haven’t got a choice
You gotta second guess him
So go ahead

What’s it gonna be
Well you need an answer
What’s it gonna be
All you get is no reply
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Remember Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Pardon me,
Have you got the time
To let me say hello.
Couldn’t help but see
That you look like a lady I used to know
A long time ago.

Remember the time we spent together.
Remember the days I dreamt forever.
Remember the nights we stayed together.
Whatever I do I still remember.
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Don’t Leave Me Lonely Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I won’t stand bein’ broken hearted
I won’t be pushed around

The rules were set when we got started
But lately I have found

We’ve spent too little time and too much heartache
I feel we’re losin’ ground
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