Lirik Lagu Boyzone – Love You Anyway

Tell me what you want from me,
So I can try to make you see,
That I’m in no position for giving.
‘Cos all I see you do is lie,
And I can’t help but close my eyes,
And wonder ‘bout you in my life,
I’m drowning in your tears.

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Lirik Lagu Boyzone – Better

Our love has changed
It’s not the same
And the only way to say it
Is say’s better

I can’t conceal
This way I feel
For all the times we spend together
Forever just gets better

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Where Do We Go Lyrics – Boyzone

I ask, when will I see you again
Once was all that we had
And your touch I’ve forgotten
How good it was
Question my train of thoughts
Turning around in my mind
Can’t let go
Visions of you baby
Is all that I know
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Where Have You Been? Lyrics – Boyzone

You took the lot and there’s only dirt
You took the bet and you lost my shirt
You walked my dog and you let it run away
You took yourself on a holiday
You said you needed to get away
Then I got a postcard from the room…
Here I must have known you
For so many years but
You always seemed to slip away…
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While The World Is Going Crazy Lyrics – Boyzone

Here we are, just the two of us
Far away from the crazy rush
And while the storm is raging
It’s safe and warm inside
Close the door and forget about time
Ease the river runnin’ through your mind
Lay your body next to me
Let your secrets all be mine
Take my hand and believe me
That love will guide us through
Anytime that you need me
Girl I’ll be there for you
While the world is going crazy
While the sky is falling down
One thing you can depend on
I will always be around
While the rain outside is pouring
I will make the sun shine through
While the world is going crazy
You can count on me
Cause I’ll be loving you
Cause I’ll be loving you
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This Is Your Song Lyrics – Boyzone

Live your life to the fall
With a lifetime of smiles
Made us know right from wrong
Always knowing a lie
You made us to be tough
But never too rough
Rise above what you said
Never easily lead.
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Will Be Yours Lyrics – Boyzone

Nananananana Nanananana
All that you want, will be yours
(All that you want, will be yours)
Look here now, read my lips
Focus on my fingertips
Understand, these open hands
I give to you, all that’s true
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Together Lyrics – Boyzone

Together, it’s better by far
That’s what we are, you’ll see
Now that we’re together
It’s better by far
That’s what we are, you’ll see
Don’t hold me up, cos I’m moving out
Everywhere I go, you always block my road
I’m on that train, where will it go
North, East, West or South
Found by word of mouth
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Will I Ever See You Again Lyrics – Boyzone

We were on the right track baby
Definitely maybe
Running with a dream in our heart
We could make a lifetime loving
Something out of nothing
Missing holding you in my arms
I could make a living
Taking you and giving you everything
We can be a legend
Take me up to heaven and tell me
Tell me
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Too Late Tonight Lyrics – Boyzone

And it’s too late for us to argue now
And it’s too late for you to cry
And it’s too late for you to ask me now
Oh it’s just too late tonight
And it’s too late for you to find me now
And the sweet rose has bloomed and died
And my feelings for you have changed now
And it’s just too late tonight
And I told you it would come to this
But when I talk to you, you always resist
But you never listen to me
And you only see what you wanna see
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