Cacophony Lyrics – Blink 182

When you talk about tomorrow
I’m not sure about today
When you tell me that you love me
What am I supposed to say?

Sometimes I don’t feel
The same way as you feel

Words like forever
They scare the shit out of me
Maybe I’m afraid of commitment
Maybe you’re too distracted to see that
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The Fallen Interlude Lyrics – Blink 182

Down, down, down,
Pick me up I’m falling

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Wasting Time Lyrics – Blink 182

I’m wasting time thinking about a girl
And stealing her away from her world
She and I would run away
I think of all the things that I’d say

We’d talk about important things
And I picture it in my dreams
She’d teach me about modern art
And I’d show her it’s okay to fart and
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Go Lyrics – Blink 182

Are we all victims of opportunity
Locked outside the door back in ’83
I heard the angry voice of the man inside
And saw the look of fear in my mother’s eyes
I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know
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