Pop Princess Lyrics – The Click Five

I lost myself at your show last night
Looking at the sparkling eyes
In the middle of a fresher crowd
You keep living like you’re a movie star
But tell me who you really are
When the lights go down
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Long Way To Go Lyrics – The Click Five

Was it you
That said that she could never get enough of me
But you confessed
That when we were alone you had to tell yourself to breathe
So maybe I
Should feel a little more like I’ve been living in a dream
Well I’m asking you should I stay
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Time Machine Lyrics – The Click Five

Oh what mess
you’ve got the best of my heart
It broke and now it’s just a joke
Cause you’re moving right along
I’m still here and you’re gone
Oh what shame
You know I didnt mean for the winds to change
Won’t ever be the same
Cause the kisses that you blew
Could never ever move
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Mary Jane Lyrics – The Click Five

I didn’t cry the day you moved away
I didn’t think that I could feel this pain
Until I saw the stranger that was you
Whatever happened to our innocence
And the somethin’ that you said about being friends
Tell me how
Help me say the words out loud
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Lies Lyrics – The Click Five

You told me you loved me
So I dont understand
Why promises are snapped in two
And words are made to burn

The bigger the better
Some stolen from Japan
Collected from around the world
They’ll catch you if they can
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Summertime Lyrics – The Click Five


On the boardwalk
Working two shifts
Saving for that diamond ring
Then I’ll quit
All the cool kids
Hanging south pier
Guess I’ll have it figured out by next year
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Say Goodnight Lyrics – The Click Five

Our seperation has it’s faults
But I don’t wanna leave it all
So write the letters in teary ink
I just need some time to think
And I just need some time to breathe

Baby just say goodnight
I’ll be gone tomorrow
Baby just close your eyes
I can’t take the sorrow
Baby just walk away
You know I can’t stay
There’s no easy way to say goodbye
So baby just say goodnight
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I Think We’re Alone Now Lyrics – The Click Five

Children behave
That’s what they say when we’re together
And watch how you play
They don’t understand and so we’re

Runnin’ just as fast as we can
Holdin’ on to one another’s hand
Tryin’ to get away into the night
And then you put your arms around me
And we tumble to the ground
And then you say
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Good Day Lyrics – The Click Five

“Good Day”

I woke up early in my hotel room
Wait for my alarm to go.
I think about the things I`ve gotta do
Damn, my mind is gonna blow.
I`m freaking out, about what’s ahead
Maybe I`ll just stay in bed
‘Cause it`s no fun to be the one going out of my head
So I tell it to myself again
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Addicted To Me Lyrics – The Click Five

I woke you up before
You had the chance to dream
You almost missed the dance
But never skipped a beat

You never could admit
We’ve had a history
Your friends would throw a fit
So you had to smuggle me
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