Catch Your Wave Lyrics – The Click Five

In the middle of the night
That’s when you caught my eye
I chased you round in memories
Through the breeze and the trees and you tease me
But hey

The clock’s turning around
And you’re still playing these games
It’s such a waste to bring me down, down, down
Don’t bring me down cause
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Long Way To Go Lyrics – The Click Five

Was it you
That said that she could never get enough of me
But you confessed
That when we were alone you had to tell yourself to breathe
So maybe I
Should feel a little more like I’ve been living in a dream
Well I’m asking you should I stay
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I’ll Take My Chances Lyrics – The Click Five

You and I
We never had it easy baby
We had to work so hard
And everytime it feels like we’re gonna make it
That’s when it falls apart, but

Baby I’ll take my chances with you
Baby I’ll take my chances with you
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Mary Jane Lyrics – The Click Five

I didn’t cry the day you moved away
I didn’t think that I could feel this pain
Until I saw the stranger that was you
Whatever happened to our innocence
And the somethin’ that you said about being friends
Tell me how
Help me say the words out loud
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Friday Night Lyrics – The Click Five

Manic Mondays singing you to sleep
You could use some time to breathe
Wake up please
A lonely weekend isn’t what you need
You won’t feel so guilty cuz you’ll love the crime on

Friday night
Baby are you sleeping
Friday night
My heart is still beating
It’s all right
Open up your sleepy eyes
Come alive, come alive on Friday night
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Summertime Lyrics – The Click Five


On the boardwalk
Working two shifts
Saving for that diamond ring
Then I’ll quit
All the cool kids
Hanging south pier
Guess I’ll have it figured out by next year
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Angel To You (Devil To Me) Lyrics – The Click Five

When I saw her she looked my way
And I knew that I was over my head
Ruby lips on a smile so sweet
With a rude attitude that could knock me dead

I heard a voice when she called my name
I knew my life was gonna change
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Resign Lyrics – The Click Five

I wanna be your hollywood
I could be your movie star
You misunderstood
Who you really think you are
I wanna be your dollar bills
I could be your shopping mall
I’ll be your diet pills
I won’t stand to watch you fall
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Pop Princess Lyrics – The Click Five

I lost myself at your show last night
Looking at the sparkling eyes
In the middle of a fresher crowd
You keep living like you’re a movie star
But tell me who you really are
When the lights go down
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Time Machine Lyrics – The Click Five

Oh what mess
you’ve got the best of my heart
It broke and now it’s just a joke
Cause you’re moving right along
I’m still here and you’re gone
Oh what shame
You know I didnt mean for the winds to change
Won’t ever be the same
Cause the kisses that you blew
Could never ever move
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