You Don’t Understand Me Lyrics – Roxette

I’ve been up all night, you’ve been puttin’ up a fight.
Seems like nothin’ I say gets through.
How did this old bed fit a world between me and you.
We said “Goodnight” but the silence was so thick
you could cut it with a knife.
We’ve hit the wall again and there’s nothin’ I can do.
You’re the one, yea, I’ve put all my trust in your hands.
C’mon and look in my eyes, here I am, here I am
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You Turn Me On Lyrics – Roxette

I wake up in a different daylight
Guess I haven’t been around
See me follow the shadow haunting your body
Naked like water – shining like honey
Move me – You turn me on – The thrill of it all
You turn me on – The thrill of it all
You turn me on – The thrill of it all
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So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star Lyrics – Roxette

So you want to be a rock & roll star
Well listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar
And take some time and learn how to play

And when if your hairs are right
And your pants are tight It’s gonna be all right
(It’s gonna be all right)
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The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye Lyrics – Roxette

Red like fire was the day I met you.
I tell you now, there are no regrets.
In this room there are many memories.
Some are good, some I try to forget.
I thought we were the chosen ones,
who were supposed to fly.
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The Voice Lyrics – Roxette

Between the open heart and the whisper goodbye,
there’s a perfect teardrop in your eye.
Between the lover’s moon and the trembling sky,
there’s a broken dream in your mind.

And the voice is carrying the love you have lost,
and the change of heart in someone you trust.
Yea the voice is carrying the love and the scars.
Hear the lonely voice in the dark.
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Staring At The Ground Lyrics – Roxette

I’m staring at the ground
I’m bloodless, thrown away from the sun
What’s lost cannot be found
I can’t return your tears
If I ever live to be a thousand years

I’m staring at the ground
I never wished you a broken heart
Coincidence put you down
He won’t withdraw those tears
If you ever lived to be a thousand years
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Don’t Believe In Accidents Lyrics – Roxette

Anything can happen
when I wind up alone with you
Put your finger on the things I like to do
Well anything can happen
There’s a feel in the air around you
Commanding parts of me
I never ever knew
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Beautiful Things Lyrics – Roxette

Beautiful things
Are comin’ my way
Beautiful things
I want them to stay
But after a while
My beautiful things
Don’t seem beautiful at all

Terrible things
Like when you wake up
And all of your dreams
Seem to crack up
Like things you have done
Like breakin’ my heart
For you it don’t seem
Terrible at all
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Drowning In You Lyrics – Roxette

Lead me to the river of love
Pour a little water and wash my pain away
Leave me in the ocean of joy
Water from below I can feel your glow running through
You know that I do I’m drowning in you
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Real Sugar Lyrics – Roxette

Right in the front door I recognized the perfume
The scent was perfect in the dusk by the moon
There must be many ways to ask her to my room
Why didn’t I dare?

Well, every hour I try to get somethin’ done
Out in the weekend when I’m just havin’ some fun
I’m windin’ up with none, just zeroes, no 1’s, just space with no air
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