Shadow Lyrics – New Found Glory

staring at my shadow i see the world around me never felt
as if my existence reflects these walls so proudly intentions
of the past defined so quickly it’s hard to change myself
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That Thing You Do Lyrics – New Found Glory

you, doing that thing you do breaking my heart into a million pieces
like you always do and you don’t mean to be cruel you never even knew
about the heartache i’ve been goin’ through wel
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My Solution Lyrics – New Found Glory

well i feel there’s something wrong with my life
but that’s the way it should be i really hate it when i lie to you
but what does the truth mean to me well what went wrong
your bac
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Never Ending Story Lyrics – New Found Glory

turn around, look at what you see in her face,
the mirror of your dreams make believe i’m everywhere,
living in the lines written on the pages is the answer to our neverending story

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Scraped Knees Lyrics – New Found Glory

looking back now i see how far i’ve gone it’s been a while now
for only one song past intentions i never ever meant to deal with now
well just by looking around i don’t think that i’ll e
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I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing Lyrics – New Found Glory

i could stay awake just to hear you breathing watch you smile
while you are sleeping while you’re far away and dreaming i could spend my life
in this sweet surrender i could stay lost in
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