Makin’ It Last All Night (What It Do) Lyrics – Mariah Carey

Got me fly and sexy
Something in you gets me
So tingley inside
Visions of us in the cut tonite
And I find you so appealing
Definitely feeling you…
If you didn’t know
Boy you’re the secret I’ve never told
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Don’t Forget About Us (Remix) Lyrics – Mariah Carey

[Mariah Carey (Bone Thugs) – Intro]
Don’t forget about us
(Bone Bone Bone Bone)
Don’t baby, don’t baby, don’t let it go…
(I’m never gonna let it go….)

[Layzie Bone (Jermaine Dupri)]
(Yall know what this is. So So Def)
Why do we make up just to break up?
Wanna be together but the world tryna take us
In different directions and ain’t even tell us the choices, the blessins collected
But hold on now wait a second, caught up in my recollection
I remember that body you flexin
Baby me and you was all night sexin
Your boy put it down, didn’t he?
You told me you’d never forget
First time that you let me hit, got on top of it and just rode it rode it
All night long (Ha), shoulda been all life long
Me and you cheatin, won’t right no wrongs
But, with a good memory, we’ll stay strong
(Let’s go)
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So Lonely (One And Only Part II) Lyrics – Mariah Carey

Its ya boy twista…
That girl Mariah…
This that fiyah…

[1st Verse by MARIAH:]
I’ve been need of lover when back in the dark and
sometimes wish u was wit me
Talking a little on the phone about what everybody’s saying
all the things they tell me
Cause I know inside we belong to each other incidentally
I’m need of healin’
You’re the only one who gives me that feelin’
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Shake It Off (Remix) Lyrics – Mariah Carey

[Intro – Jay-Z (Jeezy)]
Uh Uh Uh Uh
H-O-V & MC H-O-V Young Jeezy (YEAAHHHH)
H-O-V & MC H-O-V Young Jeezy
I know Y’all see how it’s going down the best
in the business baby live from the Oval Office
Lets Get It
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Migrate Lyrics – Mariah Carey

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Keep it movin… Bounce
Keep it movin… Bounce
Keep it movin… Bounce
Keep it movin… Bounce

Once again nothin’ jumpin’ up in yo place,
Sick of your berry buzzin’ all in my face,
Way too much to tolerate,
Time to roll,
Y’all know I gots to migrate.
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Cruise Control Lyrics – Mariah Carey

Walkin’ on the wild side
Crusin for a goal
Baby baby baby, i’m out of control

Singin with the lampstands,
Hairdryer on the hair
Dancin on the light floor
Watching you over there
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I Stay In Love Lyrics – Mariah Carey

b>”I Stay In Love”

Oh baby
Baby, I stay in love with you

Dying inside ’cause I can’t stand it
Make or break up
Can’t take this madness
We don’t even really know why
All I know is baby
I try and try so hard
To keep our love alive
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Side Effects Lyrics – Mariah Carey

[Young Jeezy:]
It’s M.C. and Y.J.
Another hit, OK
We lookin’ fly, takin’ off
Saw us on a runway
On any given Sunday,
Monday, Tuesday
They try to confuse me,
I never let ’em use me
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I’m That Chick Lyrics – Mariah Carey

Take this seriously
Like Pac, all eyes on me
That’s right you are intrigued,
I’m that chick you like.

You know this
What it be,
I’m like the lottery,
Hot Bentley with the keys,
Take me for a ride.
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Love Story Lyrics – Mariah Carey

Ay bay it won’t end, won’t end, won’t end

Let’s talk about love

This is my love story

Boy meets girl and looks in her eyes
Time stands still and two hearts catch fire
Off they go rollercoaster ride
Up & down and around…
Twisted all out they minds
And then his friends
Said “its too soon to settle down”
And then her friends
Said “he’s a playa, slow it down”
They couldn’t be who they was
Cause it just seemed like love
Wasn’t on they side
But this isn’t …
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