Miss You Lyrics – Madonna

Miss you most of all
When all those autumn leaves start to fall
Drifting by my window
They come up over the wall

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4 Minutes Lyrics – Madonna (feat. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

I’m outta time and all I got is 4 minutes
(Fricki fricki)
4 minutes eh

Ha ha
Ha ha
Breakdown come on

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Skin Lyrics – Madonna


Do I know you from somewhere?
Why do you leave me wanting more?
Why do all the things I say
Sound like the stupid things I’ve said before?

(Put your hand on my skin)
(Put your hand on my skin)
(Put your hand on my skin)
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Gone Lyrics – Madonna

Selling out
Is not my thing
Walk away
I won’t be broken again
I’m not
I’m not what you think

Dream away your life
Someone else’s dream
Nothing equals nothing
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American Life (Headcleaner Rock Mix) Lyrics – Madonna

American life
American dream
American life
American dream

Do I have to change my name?
Am I going to be a star?
Do I have to change my name?
Am I going to be a star?
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Give It 2 Me Lyrics – Madonna

What are you waiting for?
Nobody’s gonna show you how
Why work for someone else
To do what you can do right now?

Got no boundaries and no limits
If there’s excitement, put me in it
If it’s against the law, arrest me
If you can handle it, undress me
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Freedom Lyrics – Madonna

“No” is just a word
That people say when they’re afraid
And if you say “no” to me
Then I will fight you till I’m free

Say freedom, brotherhood
Justice, just say “yes”
Say freedom, brotherhood
Justice, just say “yes”
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Shine A Light Lyrics – Madonna

Hear me, I’m knocking at your door
Could it mean I’m coming back for more
Could it be I could not stay away
Now all I wanna do is say
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

I got to tell you how I feel
It’s getting oh so dark out here
The moonlight is shining on my skin
Now open up and let me in
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
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Nothing Really Matters Lyrics – Madonna

When I was very young
Nothing really mattered to me
But making myself happy
I was the only one

Now that I am grown
Everything’s changed
I’ll never be the same
Because of you
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Cyberraga Lyrics – Madonna

May all be well with mankind
May the leaders of the earth in every way
Protect the earth by keeping to the right path

May there always be goodness
For those who know the earth to be sacred
May all the world be happy
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