Lirik Lagu All of Me – John Legend

What would I do without your smart mouth
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

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So High Lyrics – John Legend

Baby since the day you came into my life
You made me realize that we were born to fly
You showed me everyday new possibilities
You proved my fantasies of love could really be

Let’s go to a place only lovers go
To a spot that we’ve never known
To the top of the clouds we’re floating away yeah
Ooh this feels so crazy
Oh this love is blazing
Baby we’re so high
Walking on cloud 9
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Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside) Lyrics – John Legend

I pray for better days to come
I pray that I would see the sun
Cuz life is so burdensome
When everyday’s a rainy one

But suddenly there’s no more clouds
I believe without a doubt
That heaven sent an angel down
And then she turned my life around
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It Don’t Have To Change Lyrics – John Legend

Oh do you remember (ooh)
When the family was everything? (ooh)
Oh do you remember? (ooh)
It was so long ago and so much has changed (ooh)
I wanna go back (go back…ooh)
Wanna go back to those simple days (ooh)
I wanna go back (go back…ooh)
But now we’ve grown and gone our separate ways
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Live It Up Lyrics – John Legend

Ha-ha ha-ha ooh…
You know we’ve been struggling for such a long time
Working here and there just to get by
It’s finally time for me to get mine

No more robbing Peter so we can pay Paul (oh no)
Or going to Mama’s house to make a phone call (no no)
No we don’t have to struggle at all
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Save Room Lyrics – John Legend

[Verse 1]
Say that you’ll stay a little
dont say bye-bye tonight
say you’ll be mine
just a little bit of love
is worth a moment of your time.
Knockin’ on your door just a little
it’s so cold outside tonight
let’s get a fire burning
oh I know I’ll keep it burning bright
if your stay, wont you save, save
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Heaven Lyrics – John Legend

Heaven only knows
Heaven only knows
Heaven only knows
Heaven only knows

Last night was the worst night
Beginning of the end
Or maybe it began
Before it here we go again
Things got so dramatic
Things got out of hand
We said words we couldn’t imagine
I don’t understand
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Prelude Lyrics – John Legend

Come on and go with me
There’s something new for you to see
Come on and go with me
There’s something new for you to see
Just relax
Just relax

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Stereo Lyrics – John Legend

She’s a fast love professional, crafty bold and beautiful,
Stage right, locked eyes, I swear it’s magical,
Her name is Melanie, says she digs my melodies
Likes how I move, thinks I’m cool that’s what she says to me
Big stage, bright light, short love, long night
Frequent flights through the skies to some stars
I come back to town, she’s hangin’ around
It still feels so real but it can’t go too far.
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Let’s Get Lifted Lyrics – John Legend

I’ve got something new for you
when it gets you wont know what to do
Relax, let me move u
dont resist its in the air
just one taste will take u there
let it flow right through u
I know ur getting tired of the same ole thing
Imma break the rules gonna change the game
You’ll be screaming my name
and imma take u places u neva seen
u couldnt picture this in your wildest dreams
Don’t fear you’re here with me
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