Lirik Lagu Starting Over – Jennifer Lopez

He’s all right
He’s all wrong
He’s a player
He’s a dog
He’s my friend
He’s my foe
I just can’t leave him
I can’t go
I got my reasons
I got my pride
I got these kids
We got these ties
Had this love
Had these dreams
Falling apart at the seams

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Lirik Lagu I’m Into You – Jennifer Lopez ft Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne]
Hi, I’m Tune, the man on the moon
I live on the beach, get the sand out ya shoes
And all of that changed since I met you
So we can leave that old shit in the restroom
Ok, I’m into you, like you never knew
I’m falling for you baby, I need a parachute
So wet, I need a wetsuit
You’re way too fly, I could be ya jet fuel
Now tell me what you like
I like what you tell me
And if you understand me, you can overwhelm me
It’s too late, it’s too late
Every finish line is the beginning of a new race
Young Money!

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Lirik Lagu On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

The other side, out my mine

It’s a new generation
(Mr. Worldwide)
Of party people

Get on the floor, dale
Get on the floor

Let me introduce you to my party people
In the club

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