Lirik Lagu Please Forgive Me – Bryan Adams

It still feels like our first night together
Feels like the first kiss and
It’s gettin’ better baby
No one can better this
I’m still hold on and you’re still the one
The first time our eyes met it’s the same feelin’ I get
Only feels much stronger and I wanna love ya longer
You still turn the fire on

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Lirik Lagu (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams

Look into my eyes – you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart – search your soul
And when you find me there you’ll search no more

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Wild Thing Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Wild thing
I think I love you
Wild thing
I wanna know for sure
Wild thing
C’mon hold me tight
Wild thing
I love you

Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild thing
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Shake Lyrics – Bryan Adams


Listen while I talk to you
I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do
There’s a new thing that’s goin’ around
and I’ll tell you what they’re puttin’ it down
Just move your body round & round
and just shake
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I Hear You Knocking Lyrics – Bryan Adams

You went away and left me long time ago
And now you’re knocking on my door

I hear you knocking
But you can’t come in

I hear you knocking
Go back where you’ve been
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What Would It Take Lyrics – Bryan Adams

If words won’t do it
and words are just a waste of time
we could get right to it
if I could only read your mind

you’re just a mistery to me
deeper than the deep blue sea
there must be something that will melt your heart
baby tell me just where to start
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A Little Love Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Some people walk the straight and narrow – some walk the rocky road
some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load
there’s a man in a paper box he smiles whenever we walk by
we just walk a little faster and say “there but for the crazy of God go I”
But a little love – just a little love – a little love can change it all
i’ve been up and down this highway and I ain’t seen a road sign yet
it’s cold hard world baby you gotta hang on yo what you get
I don’t believe in miracles but that don’t mean they don’t come true
well I may not get to heaven but I get a little closer when I’m with you
but a little love – just a little love – a little love can change it all
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Tudo Por Amor Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Quando for amor que voce der,
eu serei seu homem de confian?a
Quando o amor voce viver,
u resistirei, n?o cederei
Serei a pedra na qual voce podera se apoiar
Estarei la quando voce envelhecer
para ter e te abra?ar
Quando houver amor no intimo,
juro que sempre serei forte
E ha uma raz?o
Provarei que pertencemos um ao outro
Serei aquele que a protegera
do vento e da chuva
do sofrimento e da dor
Vamos faze-lo “Todos por um”
E “todos por amor”
Que aquele que voce abra?a
seja aquele que voce quer
aquele que voce necessita
Porque quando s?o “Todos por um”
e “Um por todos”
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O Sole Mio Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Che bella cosa na jurnata ‘e sole,
n’aria serena doppo na tempesta!
Pe’ ll’aria fresca pare gia na festa…
Che bella cosa na jurnata ‘e sole.

Ma n’atu sole
cchiu bello, oje ne’.
‘o sole mio
sta ‘nfronte a te!
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Young Lust Lyrics – Bryan Adams

I am just a new boy
Stranger in this town
Where are all the good times?
Who’s gonna show this stranger around?

Oh I need a dirty woman
Oh I need a dirty girl

Will some woman in this desert land
Make me feel like a real man?
Take this rock and roll refugee
Oh Babe, set me free
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