Lirik Lagu Right Now – Akon

It’s been so long
That I haven’t seen your face
I’m tryna be strong
But the strength I have is washing away

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Lirik Lagu Dangerous – Akon

Girl, I can notice but to, notice you, noticing me
From across the room I can see it and can’t stop myself
From looking and noticing you, noticing me
Watch out, I’ve seen her type before

That girl is so dangerous, that girl is so dangerous
That girl is a bad girl, I’ve seen her type before
She’s so dangerous, that girl is so dangerous
That girl is a bad girl, yeah

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Fair To You Lyrics – Akon

Some reason today I ain?t feelin? real good
(And I don?t know why)
Cus normally I be up and up to no good
(And I don?t know why)
I feel like it?s gon? be a long day
(And I don?t know why)
So let me go and put the bullshit beside and tell you like this
(So let me go and tell you why)
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Struggle Everyday Lyrics – Akon

Face a trouble everyday
Trying to walk away from a life of sorrow
It’s a struggle everyday
Trying not to rob G’s, still I borrow

[Verse 1:]
I need to take it slow
My heart is growing cold
I’m trying to hide my feelings
From the people that I know
and everywhere I go I’m trying to lay low
Can’t afford to get in no trouble because I’m on parole
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So Fly Lyrics – Akon

Realizing livin life for me, always gettin into trouble
Cuz, im so fly
Im on a whole nother level
Left the block, and now im smiling countin money like
Realizing livin life for me, i done found another hustle
Cuz, im so fly
Im living life a lot better
Still keep a glock in case the jailers wanna hate tonight
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Rush Lyrics – Akon

Upfront, Konvict
Hey-Aye, OoO Yeaa!

I gotta find a way to get outta here [x2]
This ain?t the way that I wanna live, no
This ain?t the way somethin? gotta give
In a rush, rush (gotta keep on movin?)
I?m in a rush, rush (gotta keep on movin?) [x3]
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Gunshot (Fiesta Riddim) Lyrics – Akon

Anyone in the place tonight you don’t wanna be a witness then walk away (Akon!!!)
Cause I’m a soldier that love to fight and anyone in my path will die today
By my AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!)
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Keep On Callin’ Lyrics – Akon

Ya Know
Its Akon Man
Mah Man P
Its the Magic City baby
Yo I Think We Got one on this one
So all them haters
Wanna scream our name
Let them keep on calling
And they werent supporting us before and they wanna scream now
Let them keep on calling
We just gon let them keep on calling baby, just keep calling
So keep on calling
And for our supporters you know you can just keep on calling as long as you want
Keep on calling
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Never Gonna Get It Lyrics – Akon

I?m from the hardknock acedemy
Automatically had to be
carryin automatics sprayin sparatic inaccuarate
Clips to the back of it
barrel cockin it immaculate
Learn to move packages in n out of los angeles
We savages, bustin off rounds
sprayin bannana clips
knockin pills off like Anna Nicole Smith
Shit, I?m in the hood walkin with choppers
Cock em and pop em coppers glauks be talkin like?
blockedie block, block I?ll probly popped hoffa and possibly jus forgot where I tossed em
this niggas obnoxious, me and top got your picture in the cockpit
she wanna pitstop, jus see how the cock spit
these boss?s deposit the profit they watch as we cop it
on top of the ostrich and fox?s
It use to be the lil guys in stress now ima boss where i?m from,
with the last stress on my chest
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Shake Down Lyrics – Akon

Stand up
Devon Stephens
Up front is in the building
It’s the konvict album
Yall done fucked up now
I got money now nigga
I got enough money to free all the stars
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