Lirik Lagu Someone Like You – Adele

I heard that you’re settled downThat you found a girl and you’re married nowI heard that your dreams came trueGuess she gave you things I didn’t give to you Old friend, why are you so shy?Ain’t like you to hold back or hide from the light

Lirik Lagu I Would Like – Zara Larsson

I didn’t know that I could want you so deep Until I saw you with someone who is not me You got me playing in a game that ain’t fair But you’re taking me there, yeah you’re taking me there Oh, I can’t help myself, it’s human nature, human nature Who’s to say what’s meant …

Lirik Lagu Something Just Like This – Coldplay

I’ve been reading books of old The legends and the myths Achilles and his gold Hercules and his gifts Spiderman’s control And Batman with his fists And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list

Lirik Lagu That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

Hey, hey, hey I got a condo in Manhattan Baby girl, what’s hatnin’? You and your ass invited So gon’ and get to clappin’ Go pop it for a pimp, pop-pop it for me Turn around and drop it for a pimp, drop-drop it for me I’ll rent a beach house in Miami Wake up …

Lirik Lagu Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover So the bar is where I go Me and my friends at the table doing shots Drinking fast and then we talk slow Come over and start up a conversation with just me And trust me I’ll give it a chance now Take my hand, …

Lirik Lagu Somewhere Only We Know – Lily Allen

I walked across an empty landI knew the pathway like the back of my handI felt the earth beneath my feetSat by the river and it made me complete Oh simple thing, where have you gone?I’m getting tired and I need someone to rely onso tell me when you’re gonna let me inI’m getting tired …

Lirik Lagu Can’t Smile Without You – Barry Manilow

You know I can’t smile without you I can’t smile without you I can’t laugh and I can’t sing I’m finding it hard to do anything You see, I feel sad when you’re sad I feel glad when you’re glad If you only knew what I’m going through I just can’t smile without you

Lirik Lagu Your Body Is A Wonderland – John Mayer

We got the afternoon You got this room for two One thing I’ve left to do Discover me, discoverin’ you, oh One mile to every inch of Your skin like porcelain One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue, uh uh uh And if you want love Swim in a deep sea (Of blankets) …

Lirik Lagu You’re Still The One – Shania Twain

When I first saw you, I saw love And the first time you touched me, I felt love And after all this time, you’re still the one I love Looks like we made it Look how far we’ve come my baby We mighta took the long way We knew we’d get there someday They said, …

Lirik Lagu You And I – Lady Gaga

It’s been a long time since I came aroundBeen a long time but I’m back in townThis time I’m not leaving without you You taste like whiskey when you kiss me, ohI’ll give anything again to be your baby dollThis time I’m not leaving without you