One Day Lyrics – Simple Plan

Sometimes this house feels like a prison That I just can’t leave behind There’s so many rules I gotta follow Cuz you can’t let go I don’t wanna hear it And I just can’t believe it All the stupid things you say, but

Yesterday Lyrics – Boyzone

Yesterday (yesterday) All my troubles seemed so far away Now I need a place to hide away Oh..I believe in yesterday Sorry (sorry) I’m not half the man I used to be There’s a shadow hanging over me Oh..I believe in yesterday

These Days Lyrics – Boyzone

[Brian:] These days I’ve been feeling lucky Looking all around me I see so many dreams that have come true Like me right next to you, like the angels pulling through These days have only just begun [Ronan:] Someone to come home to each and every night All of my tomorrow’s are finally looking bright, …

Judgement Day Lyrics – Boyzone

Someday I know I’ll find my way to say What makes the world a better place, you say My mind is telling me to fight for my rights I’ve learned my lesson done my time Someone please just…

At The End Of A Perfect Day Lyrics – Boyzone

It’s all in a perfect way Just a part of the perfect way And as long as the world goes around I will pray as I lay me down At the end of a perfect day I wake to greet another morning And feel the cold beneath my feet I rise to hear my future …

Brighter Days Lyrics – Boyzone

I’ve done a lot of living in my life Chased my share of rainbows in the sky Before I stopped to ask the question why I’ve fallen out of love too many times But now I see The possibilities Oh how my life could be

Daydream Believer Lyrics – Boyzone

OK Kid K get off your horse And drink that milk Oh I could hide ‘neath the wings Of the blue bird as she sings The six-o’clock alarm would never ring Once it rings and I rise Wipe the sleep out of my eyes My shaving razor’s cold and it stings

Every Day I Love You Lyrics – Boyzone

I don’t know, but I believe That some things are meant to be And that you’ll make a better me Everyday I love you I never thought that dreams came true But you showed me that they do You know that I learn something new Everyday I love you

One Of Those Days (Remix) Lyrics – Whitney Houston

[Ad-libs] [Nelly] Uh-oh ya know that voice right derre now dirty Oh…its the world famous Ms. Whitney Houston If ya rollin wit Nelly, Whitney get ya hands up and if ya like the simple things get ya hands up I aint bout no trial tribulation and if ya wanna go and take a vacation hey …

One Of Those Days Lyrics – Whitney Houston

[Ad-libs] Ohh. This is just for me. [Laughs] Kick off my shoes and relax my feet Hit the kitchen grab a bite to eat It’s been one of those crazy weeks And I gotta do something special for me