Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – Where Would We Be Now

I smile, you laugh, I look awayI sigh, you ask me why, I say,It’s ok and I am just feeling’ downYour hand on mine I hear the wordsIf only love had found us first, Our lives they would be different, ohSo I stand and wait, I am just a man, oh

Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – Dance Floor Anthem

She’s going out to forget they were togetherAll that time he was taking her for grantedShe wants to see if there’s moreThan he gave she’s looking for He calls her upHe’s tripping on the phone Now he doesn’t want her out there and aloneNow he knows she’s moving itKnows she’s using itNow he’s loosing itShe …

Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – The River

As I walk through the valleyof the shadow of LAThe footsteps that were next to mehave gone their separate waysI’ve seen enough nowto know that beautiful thingsdon’t always stay that wayI’ve done enough nowto know this beautiful placeisn’t everything they say

Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – Misery

Take a look around don’t you see it?See that you are the only real face in the roomNo one here has a clue what you’re feelingDon’t feel bad keep your sadness alive Look at all these happy peopleLiving their livesLook at all these plastic peopleThere’s nothing insideLook at all these shallow peopleTelling their liesLook at …

Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – Predictable

Something isn’t rightI can feel it again feel it againThis isn’t the first timeThat you left me waitingSad excuses and false hopes highI saw this coming still I don’t know whyI let you in

Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – I Just Wanna Live

I need an alarm system in my house So I know when people are Creeping aboutThese people areFreaking me out (these days)

Lirik Lagu Good Charlotte – Hold On

This worldThis world is coldBut you don’tYou don’t have to goYou’re feeling sad, you’re feeling lonely, and no one seems to careYour mother’s gone and your father hits youThis pain you cannot bear